"Nothing in business is
so valuable as time."
~John H. Patterson ~
Employers - Your Investment

Recruiting engagements are serious business.  When you're serious, we engage! 


Your investment in the process of a candidate search is probably the most misunderstood aspect of the recruiting industry.  It's really quite simple and makes more sense when explained properly.   

Your time IS your bottom line -- and that's where we come in!  Recruiting assistance allows you to continue to run efficiently and without undue interruption.   

A recruiter dedicates 100% of their time assisting employers that have many other day-to-day tasks demanding their attention.  

Recruiting is a very exhaustive process, often requiring that 100 or more candidates are screened to find just one that best fits your needs. Multiply this number by four to six candidates that employers usually require before making a decision.  

Your investment is better understood as a "Fee for Professional Services Rendered," which is based on industry standards / averages.   

 A fee for service is not for a candidate -- it's for the expertise and dedicated effort that goes into finding an appropriate candidate to meet your special and very specific needs.   

In essence, you are investing in an experienced professional to efficiently perform a time-consuming and difficult process, not just a result.

Your Investment -- Our Commitment!



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