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. . . in a partnership with our clients.  We think of ourselves as an extension of your personnel department.  For some clients, we ARE the personnel department.  In order to be in a position to fulfill your needs, it is important for us to know the pulse and personality of your organization. 

Added value / benefit for you, our client.
We are networked with other exceptional search firms nationally giving us a broader reach in your search for outstanding candidates. 
We offer contracting services for those candidates that you don't wish to have on your payroll.  Visit our contracting page for more details here:  Rate Calculator.

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. . . an organization that will NOT set up a lot of interviews for the sake of interviews, you have come to the right place. 
We believe in QUALITY interviews, not quantity. 
We will only refer individuals who we believe would be viable candidates and who match the specifications provided by an authorized representative of your organization.
We do our best to carefully match candidate qualifications with job specifications.  This allows you to spend quality time in face-to-face discussions to see if a candidate, who may "appear" to be a good "skills" match, has the right chemistry for you and the position!

Industries we specialize in include, but are not limited to, the following (in alphabetical order):

Positions Filled - A Sampling
Accounting, Banking, and Financial Services
Accountants, analysts, auditors, bookkeepers, HR, management, sales / marketing, technical
Information Technology
All IT -- analysts, computer, e-commerce, engineers (hardware & software), IT auditors, networking
Legal Services
Attorneys, HR, legal assistants, management, paralegals, sales / marketing, technical
All management – administration, contract, executive, project, product
Manufacturing / Industry
Engineering, HR, management, sales / marketing, technical
Sales & Marketing
General Managers, sales reps, marketing reps and managers, territory managers, VP's
Other Areas

Health care, hospitality, retail, sciences



If you have been seeking an organization that truly cares about the needs of both the client company and the candidates that are seeking new opportunities, then Quality Source, Inc. is exactly the type of organization you are looking for!  Contact us!


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