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DEBRA L. STITT, CPC . . . Committed to Excellence!!!

Debra L. Stitt, CPC (Certified Personnel Consultant), has dedicated herself to the search and placement industry since 1987 and is President and owner of Quality Source Inc. For the 11 years prior to becoming a recruiter, Debra worked in a variety of capacities in Cleveland-area law firms.  In 1987, she launched her recruiting career and in November, 1989, earned her Certified Personnel Consultant designation, after only two years in the industry.  To earn this designation, Debra passed a comprehensive exam on labor and discrimination laws, as well as ethical practices in the industry.  Due to her passion and concern, Debra went on to hold a variety of positions in the state association governing the recruiting industry, including her most recent position on the Executive Committee of the Ohio Staffing Services Association and her role as Director of Education and Programming.  Positions held include, but have not been limited to:

Arbitration Chairperson Certification Chairperson / Trainer
Director of Education and Programming Education Chairperson
Ethics Chairperson President
Secretary Vice President

As Education Chairperson, Debra worked closely with attorneys across Ohio in producing educational seminars for attorneys, human resource professionals, management staff and business owners. The seminars focused on a variety of topics involving employment and discrimination laws and awarded participants, upon completion, with continuing education credits (CEU & CLE).  She also worked on statewide industry conventions and conferences.

As Certification Chairperson & Trainer, Debra worked with the National Association of Personnel Services in promoting the "Certified Personnel Consultant" and "Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist" certification program statewide.  This position involved coordinating the training and testing of applicants at various locations across the state for two test dates per year -- May and November.  Debra conducted the local training herself.

As Ethics Chairperson, Debra investigated complaints and disputes brought against individual recruiters and/or recruiting firms.  She assisted in bringing these claims to a successful conclusion through mediation between the parties and, when necessary, arbitration.

As Arbitration Chairperson, Debra worked closely with attorneys and the National Association of Personnel Services in drafting the comprehensive guidelines to be followed for statewide arbitration.  She then oversaw the program.

As President, Debra played a very active role in leading the Ohio Association of Personnel Services ("OAPS") in the merger of the permanent and temporary state associations, forming one association in 1997 known as the Ohio Staffing Services Association ("OSSA").  She was also an integral part in developing a valuable partnership for the association membership wherein members can obtain quick, sound legal advice through an "Attorney Hot Line" (initial consultation at no additional cost to the members).

Because of her dedication and commitment, Debra has earned many awards for her contributions to the recruiting industry, some of which include:

CPC Of The Year

For representing best the meaning of CPC through professionalism, leadership, involvement and dedication.
Account Executive of the Year
For outstanding contribution throughout the year.
Outstanding Service Award
In recognition of outstanding work in the successful production of educational seminars.
Outstanding Leadership Award
In recognition of statewide leadership in education, certification and board membership.

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