"The reward of a thing well
done is to have done it."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

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"The rewarding experiences and success I will have with [my new employer] as their newest Territory Sales Manager will be sincerely shared with the thoughts of how hard you worked for me along the way. Finding my resume, piecing the "employment puzzle" together and securing my employment with . . . was a task that you did with professionalism and tact.

I have enjoyed working with you and wish you the best in your future endeavors. Thank you for bringing this opportunity to my family and me. My wife and I are very grateful. I will keep in touch!" Matt

"Debra, I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for the outstanding job you did!  I don't know where I would be without your dedication and hard work.  Although we don't know the end result -- it has been my pleasure to have worked with you.  Best of luck!"  John S.

"Quality Source Inc. matched my previous work experience and personal goals with an excellent career that I am proud of today.  Debra Stitt's honesty, attention to detail, and relentless pursuit of a career match is hard to find among today's competitive job placement organizations.  Thank you Debra!"  Matthew W.

"I should thank you for all your help. You are the first recruiter in my life that I have found very helpful and knowledgeable. I thank God that I met you online."  Parsh

"In this very tight, and sometimes uncaring, marketplace, it is refreshing to find such an innovative and understanding person.  Debra is committed to her clients & candidates and to the betterment of their futures."  Anne

". . . it is a rare privilege in these times to converse with someone who shares the same types of philosophies."  Carolyn

"Debra - you and your company are The Best!!   I had major hesitations about using a service to obtain employment.  How could they know what was best for me?  How could they help me negotiate a salary?  I have to admit that I was very naive about the whole process.  However, being fairly new to this area, I did not have the contacts nor the sources that one needs to even get their foot in the door.  Quality Source was brought into my life and what a blessing that was and continues to be!  From the moment Debra and I spoke on the phone to actually meeting in person, I knew she was a woman of character; someone I could trust; someone who would treat me as a person and take my needs and concerns into consideration.   Debra was with me every step of the way -- easing my fears and cheering me on!   I know that by using Quality Source, Inc., I was able to secure my current position working for two outstanding partners in a law firm downtown.   While my experience indicates that I was more than qualified for this job, I could not have done this on my own.   Unless you have someone standing behind you who believes in you and who has the right contacts, it's very hard, in this competitive marketplace, to get inside.  Debra has an excellent reputation in this area and I would, without a doubt, recommend Quality Source, Inc. to anyone looking into using a placement service.  I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!"  Sincerely, Karen Hilton

"I have never dealt with an agency before, but I didn't expect to receive such careful questioning about what 'I' desired in a job rather than simply being a commodity to stuff into a job opening."  Marla

"Using your services was particularly difficult for me since I am so independent and not used to turning my life over to someone as I did with you.  I simply trusted you completely, did not look elsewhere, used no other service -- and held my breath.  Well, now that I'm breathing (and employed) I know that I was in very good hands and am grateful for your tolerating my fear and impatience."  Charlotte

". . . thanks for rescuing me!"  Maggie

"As a recruiter and Employment Manager for a fast-paced manufacturing company with a limited HR staff, I have used Quality Source, Inc. to find candidates that are a match to the profile we seek.  Quality Source has successfully placed qualified employees in our sales force, accounting, and information technology departments. 

Other placement firms send resumes, hoping that something will fit.  Quality Source delves into understanding the company philosophy and strives to find candidates that will fit into the organization.  The final hiring decision on a candidate is the responsibility of the department head and myself, but Quality Source produces pre-screened candidates that make our interviewing and hiring process so much more efficient and time-saving. "  Kathryn 

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