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Job Seekers - Resume Tips


Your resume is one of the most important tools for a successful job search.  It is the only thing left behind once you leave the interview. You need your resume to stand out and represent you!  You want to be remembered.  Contrary to what a lot of books say, a two-page resume is OKAY! In this day and age, people hold positions, on an average, for four years at a time -- with exceptions, of course.  There are many reasons for this, one of which is corporate downsizing and restructuring.  So, if you're withholding information because of the one-page-resume myth, fear not.  Go for it and add the detail that will separate you from the rest of the job seekers.

An "objective" on your resume is not totally necessary.  As a matter of fact, an objective that is too specific may land your resume at the bottom of the pile.  For example, if your objective says you are looking for a challenging leadership role yet you are applying for a staff position, why would an employer want to see you?  If you are going to use an objective, be generic.  State what you are looking for in terms of challenge, etc., but do your best to leave titles out of it. 

Details, details, details!!!!!  What you consider mundane and redundant, a potential employer may find necessary and important.  Details may also show what kind of worker you are and potentially identify "transferable skills."  For instance, if an employer is seeking a hands-on type of person who's a leader and your resume only identifies leadership, you might be in trouble.  Use key words that round out your experience.  Remember, it's the little things that may land you the job of your dreams!

Dates on your resume ARE very important.  Without dates, you are assured of one thing -- QUESTIONS!  This detail alone may be enough for an employer to move on to other candidates!  One way or another, potential employers are going to find out when, and for how long, you worked at previous positions.  Without dates, it may appear that you are trying to hide something.  Therefore, make the process more convenient for a potential employer by offering necessary information right up front.  Doing so shows your cooperative nature and professionalism.

HONESTY is the ONLY policy!!!!!  If you think you can pull one over on a recruiter or a potential employer, think again.  The majority of employers, in one way or another, verify the details of your resume.  Some verify details once you've accepted a position.  A lack of integrity will find you pounding the pavement once again.  Once you are deemed dishonest, the ballgame is over.

Do NOT list personal information on your resume such as marital status, number of children, birth dates, etc.  These items are in no way relevant to your job search and could prejudice you right out of an interview.  However, DO list your education, certifications and awards.  These items confirm your desire to be your best. Community involvement and personal hobbies and/or interests are discretionary and sometimes very beneficial! 

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